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Kutama College plans to achieve a book-to-pupil ratio of 1:1 by next year. Sadly we all know this is a tough target to meet as most schools are still struggling with just making sure there is enough food, classrooms and sanitation provisions for the pupils. Unfortunately Kutama College is one of the schools that everyone simply overlooks and assumes the school is well provided for, based on past reputation and the obvious presence of prominent business and politically connected parents. Anyone who has been to Kutama recently will testify to the image of unfinished buildings, broken desks and the sorry state of a once flourishing library.

After some consultation with the school heads, they have reiterated that as the school works on restoring all these as best as they can, it is important to maintain the educational prowess that Kutama is built on. They feel that students would find immense benefit in the availability of key textbooks and revision resources which they have been struggling to provide as well as replace as they get tattered and obsolete. Therefore the school is appealing for book donations and have provided a list of books that they believe are most needed.

The list of books is available on Amazon.

 KOBA members in Zimbabwe will be able to find some of these books at local bookstores like Kingstons.

For KOBA members in the Diaspora, most of these will be available on Amazon and possibly eBay, and can be shipped to the editor (in the United Kingdom) who will arrange shipping to the school. If you would like to buy a book, please contact the Editor on for address details.


Prize Giving Day 2013

As we all know Prize Giving Day at KC is an interesting annual event especially for the student.   It shall be that time again when prize winners are given honours towards the end of the year. This time it is going to be prize giving with a difference. Members of KOBA have taken responsibility to sponsor this event for 20013 after successfully doing this for last two years. We have already begun accumulating prizes to cover all academic, sports and social prizes and the door is not being closed on anyone who wants to take part in this noble course of ensuring that Prize Giving Day always means something for the students. It is our hope to stimulate competition amongst the students and consequently push students to produce excellent results in both sports and academics.

The school accepts personalised* prizes which may named as desired by the donor and this could be in any of the categories of academics, sport or social prizes.

Help us make Prize giving Day, a day to remember for not only student but also the teachers who are helping the students uphold the reputation that we are all proud of.

*Please NOTE that the school reserves the right to refuse prize personalisations that are not acceptable according to standards to be defined bythe school


Establishing a VSat Internet Link

In this day and age of the digital divide, KC seeks to bridge that gap.  Had KC been in Harare some this project would have been realised at a very low cost of about US$1500. At the same time it should be noted that dial-up is an option that was once tried but is not a workable solution, the speed is frustrating with the connection dropping regularly and the telephone bills astronomical.  Because of these reasons the school seeks to raise money to establish a decent broadband connection current quoted at US$4000.

We have KOBA members who have contributed to this cause already, when the project has received enough funds all contributions shall be made public and the names listed will the preferred donor name.  This is being done to enhance transparency and ensure that that anyone who donates will be directly acknowledged.

KOBA is appealing here and wide for funds to make this project a reality.  The school seeks to make internet resources available to teaching staff and students by ensuring that a good number of connected computers are made available in the library.  Such a facility should allow students to access information on the web and enable them to easily access emails when processing their further education needs.

Teachers will also be able to research and acquire up to date materials to aid their teaching.

It would be of immense benefit to the teachers and students if this project sees the light of the day



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