J.A. Chinamasa (Jachi!): In memory of James Anthony Chinamasa, father to many and a blessing to KC.  As a man no one could ever say he was perfect but for all he did, all he said, we are forever grateful.  Passed away so suddenly in Jan 2004 – we will never forget the good that you imparted upon us.  It is with man like you that our alma mater became prosperous.  May you dear soul rest in peace.

McDonald Kawadza:  All the singing that you did in church and all the laughs that we had with you tichitamba murikaz, we will never forget.  God had a reason to call you at such an early age.  You definitely remind us of that we should cherish each other’s company whilst we still can.  May you rest in peace and watch over us as your friends.

Govern Makora:  Tsano, we will always miss you.  With you around the world could have been a lot different. Your dream that Zim would make it to the World Cup – is yet to happen tsano.  We shall always meet again.

Calvin Togara: A loving friend and a true business person at heart. Tragically taken away in a road accident, we will always remember you and your persistent smile. God has a plan for us all and we hope to continue from where we left, when we meet up in his kingdom. May your beloved soul rest in peace.

Joseph Makuvaro: Missed and still loved by all Kutamarians of the class of ’98. May your soul rest in peace we miss you and pray that the Lord will be with you always.

Joseph Mapepa: It still does not make any sense. On a day of joy and drink you were swept away by the unknown. They took away your breath and left us with no one to share a laugh with. They only left us with painful memories of the hilarious ZOD. We will always remember you and may those who took you away from us face the full wrath of God’s justice. We all miss you.

Damiano Muzavazi: A great footballer and dribbler of note who breathed and lived for football. Awarded senior national team colours by Dutchman Clemens Westerhoff in a friendly against Zambia and had a good outing. We wont forget singing ”Tinoda Dame’ when Phiri had benched you against Chimoto. And of course we remember your nicknames raging from Sexy D, Dame-Dame, Black Jesus etc and of course your penchant love for money games and gambling (njuga). R.I.P till we meet again:  K. Masenyama

Kurai Masenyama: A great loss to KOBA and many other organisations that benefited from his organisational skills.  Forever missed.  C. Chirenda


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