Welcome to the Kutama Old Boys Association networking platform

We welcome all Old Boys to the KOBA networking platform.  We will continue to develop this platform in a way that benefits not only our alma mata but our individual selves of members of the august organisation that is KOBA.

Please feel free to raise issues, contribute to projects and start initiatives of your choice for the benefit our of KC and its current or former students.

All contributions are greatly are greatly appreciated and go a long way in giving life to our network.

About Chirenda Curthbert

Attended Kutama College 1994-1999 but otherwise a resident of Kc from 1989 to 2006 (btu still with family links at the school to date). A member of Champagnat House and Study Captain 1999, left Kc for NUST in Byo to study Electronic Engineering, before moving to the Uk in 2006. Currently working as an engineering consultant (control systems) in the aersopace industry.
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