Welcome to KOBA, the home for former students of  St. Francis Xavier’s Kutama College.  Established in 1981, KOBA strives to provide a platform for the alumni of Kutama to play an active role in shaping not only their Alma Mata, but also each other as we pursue different paths in life.

The future of Kutama College as it is popularly known, and its current crop students is of paramount importance to our organisation and hence the impetus to ensure that the school will continue to churn out individuals who are not only academically equipped but educated wholesomely to make a meaningful contribution to the world at large.

Our organisation has a large membership throughout the world.  As former students of one of the best schools in Zimbabwe, our members can be found in many professional fields, an aspect which has benefited many who are part of our diverse network.

Join us today and be part of our ever growing network of professionals.  We thrive to provide a platform that will see each individual member linking with fellow members who might be able to help them achieve their dreams.